An Engineering Digital Twin to Accelerate Time to Production


State-of-the art methods and tools are an important element when it comes to providing highest-quality innovation and engineering services to our customers. Our first tests with virtual machines as platforms that support innovation through interdisciplinary engineering and facilitate testing of control software before the actual hardware is available date back many years and showed significant potential. But only recently have the corresponding tools reached a level of maturity and interoperability with other engineering tools sufficient for widespread deployment in our projects.

On the inaugural PDA Automation and Robotics Conference (April 21-22, 2021), we will present our experiences from a pilot project. In this project, a digital twin prototype (built with NX MCD) was used from early concepts through to the commissioning phase. Our presentation will highlight the various use cases for the digital twin prototype along the project as a platform to develop and communicate ideas and concepts, for virtual proof-of-concept testing, and as a tool supporting implementation and testing of the control software.

We will also present our learnings from the pilot project, an assessment of the potential for the digital twin in an engineering context, and an outlook on our roadmap for further development of the methodology required to take full advantage of this novel – and already very valuable – tool.