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Family Friendly Products – Why the children’s happiness can make parents happy, too

“Boo-ooring. When are we finally there? How many times do I have to sleep until it’s my birthday? Is it still far?” Ever heard one of these? Such questions can make everyday family life a real strain, especially for parents. Because time seems to stand still (not only for our children) when we are really looking forward to something. … read on

Four technologies which tell us: “It’s the right time to bring intelligence to microcontrollers”

Neural networks have become state of the art technology for data scientists in recent years. At the same time, data science vastly grew in importance for product releases. It not only helps gain market insights, but also enables new customer values such as predictive maintenance, self-adjusting control loops or object recognition. To deliver the best customer experience, we often must provide customer value with low latency, at low cost, and regardless of the current cloud connection state. To meet these expectations, it is important to run neural networks not only in the cloud, but also on the edge. There are several definitions of “the edge”: … read on

Sustainability and Consumer Goods: Why the Product Development Approach Makes the Difference

Today for a business, sustainability does not only mean looking greener. More and more companies now have clear sustainability goals such as science-based targets and develop their sustainability strategy based on the 17 United Nations Development Goals (see Fig. 1) and the Paris Climate Agreement. And these commitments and plans do not come alone, they are followed by significant investments. What is particularly remarkable … read on

Design and Usability: why the user is always right

We have been offering services for design and usability since 2014. Our portfolio ranges from medical devices and lab equipment, sanitary and household equipment, to power tools and industry plants. For a complete product development, we work closely with our engineers. This combination of design and engineering allows us to … read on

Hybrid classification: What do you do when machine learning hits some limitations?

When talking about data and its analysis, machine learning comes to mind very quickly, and indeed machine learning has provided excellent solutions in many of our projects. However, we have sometimes hit some limitations as well, for instance … read on