Consulting – Strategic Fit

  • Format: structured questionnaire derived from the Helbling Roadmap for Digital Transformation as the basis for a structured workshop
  • Maturity levels defined on the basis of a large number of project results and our IIoT report “Markets in Motion”
  • Structured workshops conducted with corporate management and results analyzed afterwards
  • Presentation of analysis results to management including summary of identified areas for action


  • The company and complexity of its business model
  • Value processes and chains
  • Supply chain management
  • Operational excellence methods
  • Current IT landscape
  • Current level of IT usage
  • Current level of digitalization
  • Current Industry 4.0 planning and strategy

From this data we can provide you with concrete answers to the questions: What is our current position compared to the market? – Where does our potential lie? – What can we actually do to release this potential?


1. Internal view: maximizing your own value creation

Focus on achieving efficiency gains, releasing cost reduction potential and realizing efficient production of “lot size one”; Flexibilizing production: controlling real-time production processes along the entire supply chain; managing capacity utilization in networked systems

2. External view: maximizing value to the customer

Enhancing the attractiveness of your own products through digitalization (competitive differentiation); Capturing additional revenue sources with services that promise the customer additional rationalization potential; New business model approaches (disruptive potential) combined with new types of operator models or price models (e.g. factory on demand, entire factory units operated by third parties)

Building on this we design your Roadmap 4.0 for you.


We help you make the most of your digital potential and position yourself to optimum advantage in the world of Industry 4.0.

Depending on the strategic direction of IIoT activities, you will then need to build or select your digital ECOSYSTEM. You may need to plan a new organization structure and adapt the business and value chain processes accordingly. After this comes the technological implementation.

Only a holistic systems approach (as in cybernetics), that looks at the different perspectives of people, technology/IT, organization, strategy and processes and brings them together in an ideal way, will enable companies to achieve resounding success.