Family Friendly Products – Why the children’s happiness can make parents happy, too


“Boo-ooring. When are we finally there? How many times do I have to sleep until it’s my birthday? Is it still far?” Ever heard one of these? Such questions can make everyday family life a real strain, especially for parents. Because time seems to stand still (not only for our children) when we are really looking forward to something.

From user needs to product vision

Our customer confronts us with curious children’s questions and adds a scientific preliminary study before presenting us with his exciting product vision. The idea of developing a “children’s timer” to make it easier for young children to deal with time in everyday family life excites us from the very beginning. The product is to be family-friendly, easy to use, and at the same time valuable, sustainable and regionally produced with high-quality materials.

From product vision to concept

Our industrial design and usability experts work hard to complement the initial product vision with the underlying user needs. They play with light and colors, combine the crazy with the feasible and generate a bouquet of great concepts. Always aiming at creating an interaction concept that satisfies both child and adult user expectations in dealing with time.

The result is a score of great ideas, of which you can see the first sketches here.

A collection of ideas and sketches by our industrial designers

From concept to product

As system developers, with our expertise in industrial design and engineering, we are able to turn ideas into reality, creating an innovative product based on the favored design and usability concept. In addition to the externally visible lighting and operating concepts, our engineers then focus on hidden parts: technical feasibility and economic implementation. Topics such as energy management, product costs and suitable manufacturing processes are placed front and center.

The result is a great way for children to approach the topic of time in a playful way.

The final product

Close involvement of the customer and short decision-making processes are at the heart of the agile collaboration with the young start-up «Vanmilia». All involved parties have greatly enjoyed this collaboration.

Close collaboration in interdisciplinary workshops

We will be happy to support you as well in the areas of juvenile products, where inspiring design, usability tailored to the target group, and intelligent functionality are key.


Author: Manuel Wittwer