5 Days Design Sprint under Power

Project description

The electricity utilities of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ) want to open up new business fields outside their current area of activity. Within the company, there were already many ideas and approaches that needed to be expanded, concentrated, finalized and tested on real customers. During a 5-day design sprint, Helbling helped to develop promising concepts and test them on real customers.


The 5 Days Design Sprint is a workshop-oriented process invented by Google and now used worldwide. The sprint is run by a mixed team (client and Helbling) who work 5 days concentrated on one question. At the end of the 5 days, feedback from real end customers is collected with the help of mock-ups. If necessary, Helbling can call in additional specialists such as user researchers, designers, programmers, …

The course of the 5 days is structured as follows:

Day 1: Understanding, grasping and immersion

Day 2: think freely and develop ideas

Day 3: select, consolidate and substantiate

Day 4: Building mock-ups

Day 5: Get feedback of real end customers

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  • Preparation of the design sprint incl. sharpening of the research question
  • Moderation of the Design Sprint by experienced moderators
  • Active participation in mixed team with Helbling client
  • Provision of specialists such as user researchers, designers and programmers
  • Recruitment of test persons
  • Documentation of the design sprint and planning of the further procedure

Result / success

  • Concentrated, goal-oriented work according to a proven process
  • Large pool of ideas for opening up new business fields
  • List of concrete concepts ready for further elaboration
  • Direct customer feedback on realistic mockups
  • Team motivation thanks to concentrated work

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