freebeat Lit Bike – the gamified fitness bike with on-demand classes

Project description

Freebeat commissioned Helbling to develop a connected spinning bike for guided endurance and strength training. freebeat identified a superior user experience as critical to the product’s market success. An important part of Helbling’s service was therefore the usability studies and the development of the industrial design.

Key data and technical details

  • Premium design and exceptional usability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Automatic load control
  • Intelligent saddle control
  • Interactive training with coach, friends and family
Image /


  • Development and review of usability and ergonomics
  • Development of industrial design
  • Development of color, material, and finish concept (CMF)
  • Development of product graphics
  • Design of additional accessories, such as dumbbells

Result / success

Freebeat is expanding its portfolio with the new Lit Bike, which stands out from its strong competitors in both look and feel. The carefully engineered Swiss made design gives the bike an attractive and elegant look. The product combines high usability with outstanding appeal.

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