Masterflute Power Aligner – Alignment Unit for Litho-laminator

Project description

Helbling developed an alignment unit for Asitrade (now Bobst Grenchen) that is used on high-performance litho-laminators to precisely align and synchronize preprinted sheets with the continuous corrugated board line. With its revolutionary mechatronic process, the Power Aligner ventures into entirely new dimensions of performance. Helbling worked together with Asitrade to draft initial ideas, designed and built the unit, and drew up the full range of production documents. Once the first systems had been set up at customers’ premises, Helbling took over project management on behalf of Asitrade.

The alignment technology previously in use, which involved front stops and side lays, had reached several different limits, namely with regard to speed, precision and the types of paper that could be used. Asitrade approached Helbling with a desire to overcome these limits through innovative technologies and, in doing so, significantly boost the system’s performance. This kind of multidimensional improvement in performance is an objective that Helbling is very familiar with from many other projects. What qualified Helbling for this specific project was the company’s solid mechatronics expertise, which is evident in many different examples of high-performance mechanical engineering systems. Other decisive factors included Helbling’s neutral point of view as an outsider, as well as its ability to incorporate the customer’s expertise into each and every phase of the development process.

Key data and technical details

  • Line speed: max. 240 m/min
  • Throughput: up to 12,500 sheets per hour
  • Sheet size: 550 mm × 550 mm…2,050 mm ×1,630 mm, 90 g/m²…340 g/m²
  • Alignment precision: better than ±0.2 mm
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  • Comprehensive pilot study with out-of-box approaches
  • Concept for plant mechanics and control with view to commercial and technical feasibility
  • Detailed development work on mechanics, where design and production documents strictly followed Asitrade’s design guidelines
  • Assistance with implementation of first plants

Results / Success

The unit taps into new possibilities in the area of laminating, not only in terms of speed but the thickness of the sheets processed, as well. The new system simultaneously reduces downtime and waste.

The Power Aligner was successfully presented to a broad audience as a part of the Masterflute at the Competence ’10 in-house trade fair and the first units have already been sold.

Several different companies have reported about how they have benefitted from the Masterflute, including TimBar and the Roba Group. Even Spain’s most important industry platform,, commented on the advantages offered by the Masterflute.


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