Mobile Cooking System

Project description

The follow-up system for a mobile hotplate makes cooking and baking a piece of cake. The hotplate communicates wirelessly with the pot to automatically set the right temperature and perfect cooking time. And that’s not all: if you turn the mobile hotplate over and set it on top of a pot, you can also use it to bake and gratinate dishes. Helbling developed this smart stove system up to the prototype stage, while also meeting the customer’s requirement that manufacturing costs be cut in half.

Added functionality at lower manufacturing costs: this was the combined challenge of an order placed with Helbling Technik by a global market leader in the area of premium stainless steel cooking systems. The new generation of a mobile hotplate was to use fully automatic, radio-controlled programs for self-monitoring during cooking and baking, yet only cost half as much to manufacture. To solve this task, Helbling was able to draw on its broad experience in the development of household appliances and mechatronic systems.

Key data and technical details

  • Fully automatic program for cooking, gratinating and baking
  • Upside-down feature: turning the mobile hotplate over transforms it
    into an oven or grill
  • Wireless link between the hotplate and the temperature-monitoring device
  • Quick and slow-cook functions
  • Healthy cooking without scorching or the need to add water or fat
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  • Developing and designing the overall system
  • Construction of prototypes and extensive temperature tests
  • Designing and layout for optics integrated in lid for evaluating the measurements of analog thermometer
  • Manufacturing costs reduced 50% compared with predecessor model
  • Manufacturing prototypes from vacuum cast parts

Result / Success

Manufacturing costs cut by 50 percent compared to its predecessor

The mobile hotplate is not only the world’s smallest stove, but also its smallest oven.

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