Product vision “Connected Water” for water dispensers

Project description

The world is becoming increasingly networked and more and more products are becoming part of the Internet of Things (IoT). A manufacturer of water dispensers asked himself whether and with what benefits he should connect his products.

During an intensive workshop, product visions of networked water dispensers were created and evaluated. The starting point always were customers’ needs. Both the needs of end customers and internal customers were considered.


Based on existing knowledge and its own research, Helbling created personas and customer journeys for internal and external customers. They formed the basis for empathizing with the respective situations and making needs tangible.

In a concentrated vision workshop product visions were created, which cover a real need and offer real assistance to the user.

The visions were systematically evaluated according to Desirability (customer benefit), Feasibility (technical feasibility) and Viability (economic potential).

Image /


  • Personas, use cases, analogies
  • Preparation and moderation of the workshop by experienced moderators
  • Bringing in expertise in the areas of user research, connectivity and cloud applications
  • Condensation and documentation of visions

Result / success

  • Clarity about possible product visions for networked water dispensers
  • Product visions for new products, roles and services
  • Team motivation thanks to concentrated work

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