Renovation and expansion of the Bern Burger Library – Overall project management

Project description

Complex renovation and expansion of an archive and library in a landmarked historical building in the inner city of Bern. The envisioned complex structural modification of the historic building occurred during ongoing business while modernizing business processes and services. Helbling assumed the overall project management.

Key data and technical details

  • Investment: 36 million  Swiss Francs
  • Project duration: 2009 – 2017
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  • Offer contractors assistance and consultation with building, operation and contracts in preliminary studies, planning, bidding and implementation
  • Overall project management
  • Project documentation (project manual, specifications, etc.)
  • Organize and record project committee meetings and workshops with contractors, users and officials
  • Direct, organize and submit the overall planner submission
  • Prepare and negotiate the overall planner contract
  • Cost controlling, scheduling and quality control

Result / Success

Helbling assisted the Burgergemeinde Bern with overall project management by preparing the way for major decisions, holding preliminary discussions with agencies and obtaining these decisions from the relevant committees. This allowed the Burgergemeinde Bern to concentrate on its core responsibilities.

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