Home-, Office- & Catering Appliances

From the initial idea to the series production phase, we work closely with our customers to develop complete systems/sub-systems for applications in the home, office, industrial and hotel/catering sectors. We devise innovative solutions for challenges faced in the individual and/or combined domains of mechanics, hardware, software and fundamental processes. Our customers have been able to successfully establish a range of products in the market by collaborating with Helbling.

We help you with the following core services

Brainstorming and concept development

Use of creative methods, development of concepts, development of device architecture, device/user interface (usability), thinking in terms of variants, working together with industrial designers

System development and process modelling

Requirement management, development related quality assurance, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), design to cost, test planning, test definition, data acquisition and processing, reliability/robust design, system knowledge, physical modelling of mechanical, thermal, hydraulic/pneumatic-processes & control systems

Product development, mechanics, electronics and software

Product development, technology development, component development, (sub-)system development, 3D-CAD, drawings, electronics hardware and software development, prototype construction, laboratory tests, supervision of ongoing tests

Support for industrialisation

Design for manufacturing, design for assembly, design for test, assistance in development of manufacturing test concepts, process FEMA, verification tests, technical statistics

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