We develop new ideas for future lines of business, new product visions and verified product concepts together with our customers at an early stage of the product development phase.

Using established processes that focus on various aspects of sustainable innovation: Desirability, feasibility and viability.

We help you with the following core services

New business opportunities

Based on the strengths of your company, we identify new market areas and applications that offer opportunities for growth.

Product vision

Starting with a strategic goal, we analyse markets and identify cutomer needs and target users / personas. For them, we are looking for new solustions and visualize them into Product Visions, which we qualify with the target users. We proceed in agile loops and with philosophy and methods of Design Thinking.


Using our innovation pre-project process, we develop product ideas as well as general sustainable and coordinated concepts. All technological and economical aspects are taken into consideration during this process.

Complexity and cost reduction

Thanks to an optimised product portfolio, we can offer cost reductions and decrease overall complexity to allow you to serve your customers more efficiently.


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