Optical Systems & Microtechnologies

Together with you, we develop comprehensive optical systems and microtechnological components and assemblies for a wide range of applications in the medical sector and other high-tech industries.

We help you with the following core services

Optical systems

We develop physical and technical optical systems (coherent, low-coherent, incoherent), including the design, dimensioning, modelling, simulation and experimental trial of performance characteristics. We always attach great importance to adopting a holistic system approach that takes into consideration the mechanical design, analogue/digital electronics and software (control, signal processing) and efficiency, etc.

  • Measuring technology (UV-VIS-NIRS absorption spectroscopy, interferometry, fluorescence photometry)
  • Imaging and non-imaging sensors
  • Material processing
  • Microoptics


We develop microtechnical and MEMS components and assemblies made from metal, plastic, ceramics and semiconductors for a wide range of different microfluidics, actuator and sensor applications. Our technology neutrality and supplier network provide the perfect selection of basic technologies that meet the technical and economical requirements of the product.

Design and laboratory infrastructure

We use modern design tools for modelling and simulating micro-mechanical, electronic, physical and optical systems. Our high-quality laboratory infrastructure enables us to implement and comprehensively characterise and test the performance attributes of demonstrators, functional models and prototypes in experiments.

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