PDM (Product Data Management)

Optimize your value chain with redundance-free administration and distribution of current data throughout the entire product lifecycle. New web-based technologies let you integrate branch offices and external business partners with your business processes. And selective access to up-to-date, centrally managed data on all contributors to the product development process raise the quality of your products while dramatically shortening your time to market and reducing your development and product costs.

Skills and experience

Take advantage of the experience we have gained successfully implementing client projects in both technological and business contexts.
Our project managers have in-depth knowledge of the PDM products of ENOVIA, as well as integration experience with the most common CAx and ERP systems.

Advice on and conceptualization and implementation of inter-departmental and inter-company product data management solutions.

Optimization of relevant business processes and integration of PDM systems into existing IT environments.

We help you with the following core services

  • Business process optimizationChange Management ECR / ECO
    • Versioning / revision handling of documents
    • Release process
    • Information and documentation provision
    • Controlled data exchange
  • Preparation of deployment plans (workgroups, collaboration)
  • Integration of authoring systems, such as CAD, Office, ERP, etc.
    • Exchanging parts and structures with SAP (ERP)
    • Multi CAD
    • Integration of electronics and software
    • Classification
  • Impact of legal rules and regulations (TüV, ISO, FDA)
  • Definition of IT infrastructure
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Operations, support


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