User Experience Design

Why UX-Design?

Successful products do not need explanation and work intuitively. Users are enthusiastic about them and transmit their positive experiences and impressions directly to your company.

We develop these products in close cooperation with you, using successful and tried-and-tested methods.

At Helbling, we face complex problems every day in developing customized, intelligent solutions. An attractive design coupled with recognition value sparks positive emotions, so that users can identify with the product and get excited
about it!

Helbling – we create innovative solutions, for you, your customers, and your market


Use Scenarios

From a needs analysis through to an intuitive process description


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Navigation Concept

Working iteratively, visually, and collaboratively to create the foundations of a successful application


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Low fidelity / High fidelity – breathing life into your product idea


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Usability Test

Conducting usability tests as early as possible and as often as necessary


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Visual Design

Tapping creativity and innovation to create an inspiring design with recognition value


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Documentation creates transparency and is crucial for the development of your product


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Use Scenarios

Use scenarios describe the processes in an application in an understandable way, make interactions recognizable and comprehensible, and visualize information flows in detail.

For this to take place, the product’s requirements must be known:

  • Are all user groups and their environmental conditions known?
  • Do we know their needs, goals, and requirements?
  • What life cycles does the product or application go through?
  • What problems need to be solved?

We work with issues and methods specific to your project, e.g.:

Innovation is created through exchanges, interactions, reflections, and encounters. Bringing together different stakeholders in the process (e.g. marketing, technology, and sales) creates new perspectives and ideas.

Personal interviews of potential users are followed by unbiased insights into their working methods, needs, and challenges in the daily work environment.

Is there an existing product or application? We’ll use them!
By observing and questioning, we discern what the current challenges are and find new approaches to solutions.


use scenarios

Navigation and Interaction Concept

The navigation concept is one of the key foundations for an intuitive, orderly, and modern user interface design. It visualizes your application’s information architecture in a straightforward and understandable way.

All the while we focus on one thing in particular: Don’t make me think”

Our UX experts develop innovative navigation solutions over several iterations in close collaboration with all stakeholders, taking into account the different aspects and concepts of different platforms (e.g. mobile, web or HMI of a device). This ensures a seamless user experience at all operating levels.

Design creative solutions with us that are both innovative and comprehensible.



Prototypes bring your ideas to life and let potential users review them early on, avoiding the need to fix costly design flaws during development.

From paper sketches to an interactive demo application, the type of prototype will be tailored to your project and suitably creative, diverse and innovative.

Low-Fidelity Prototyp
Whether as very simple paper prototypes or as simple digital implementations with initial interactions (“clickdummies”) – low-fidelity prototypes can be quickly created, quickly tested, and quickly changed. Despite their simplicity, they are a good way of seeing the basic structure of the user interface and operating it for the first time.

High-Fidelity Prototyp

This type of prototype can be used and tested on the intended end devices. Initial design aspects are implemented in the process. The requirements for the target application determines the need for complexity, interactivity, and completeness.

Technical prototypes
If questions arise like,

  • Is the feasibility guaranteed?
  • Does performance stand up to demands?
  • Can failures be fatal?

technical prototypes can help identify possible solutions in a proof-of-concept.


Usability Test

Prototypes are only worth their salt if they are also put through their paces.

Whether in the lab or in the field, as a paper prototype or with the help of a first executable test version – where possible, we use every prototype created for a usability test. We support you in planning and executing these tests and, if required, also provide you with suitable facilities.

User tests can be performed in almost every project phase.



The usability test reveals how your target group actually uses your product and derives findings as to how you can tailor it precisely to their needs. The sooner flaws in the concept are identified, the easier and cheaper it is to remedy them.

Trust your target group, for it is they who will ultimately use your product/application.

Visual Design

The final design must have recognition value, appeal to users, reflect your company’s CI and implement navigation in a comprehensible way. For this to happen, illustrations and graphics are designed, images are selected and edited, and color palettes and typographies are defined and used. If needed, animations and video sequences can be integrated into the application to enhance the user experience.

There is one especially important principle in UX design when creating visual design: having an iterative procedure.

Visual Design


Full documentation is a must for developing and standardizing the overall product. We create transparency and make the documentation fully available to our customers.

  • Style guides
  • Pictures, symbols and illustrations
  • Videos and animations
  • User manual
  • Documentation of interactions and processes

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