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Value Chain Management by Helbling

End-to-End Value Chain Management

Disruption, digitalization, sustainability, increasing complexity and speed – the demands on today’s value chains have increased enormously. The NEW NORMAL sets new standards, making a transparent and resilient supply chain all the more essential! Corporate value creation must be rethought for this, because only those who are resilient and agile can proactively shape change and react quickly to unforeseeable events.

We adapt our innovative competence portfolio accordingly to the individual challenges of our customers. – For their sustainable success in today’s VUCA world.

For this purpose, we regularly survey both big players and medium-sized companies on current topics relating to the value chain. Based on the results, we have derived 8 levers for stabilizing the supply chain. These pragmatic, operational approaches and quick wins already lead to visible and measurable successes in the short term, and in the medium to long term your value chains will be transformed to be sustainably successful and resilient.

We support you with our following competencies:

Business & Operating Model Innovation

The average lifespan of business models has fallen rapidly over the last five decades from 15 to a maximum of 5 years. New, disruptive business models are emerging with increasing frequency, shaking up entire industries. As a result, companies must constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment and market conditions and continuously revise their corporate strategy. This competence is a core requirement to remain competitive.

We support you in this process by developing the right strategy together with you and laying the foundation for your successful business model by means of innovative solutions.

Excerpt of our service portfolio:

  • Strategy development
  • Robust & innovative business models
  • R&D strategy
  • Value Chain Strategy
  • Digital strategy

Sourcing & Procurement

The procurement revolution has long since begun. In times of disruptive change, driven by digitalization and a volatile economic environment, it is the task of procurement to significantly increase the long-term performance and value of the company.

We support you in professionalizing your purchasing at both the organizational and process levels so that you can continue to operate competitively.

Excerpt of our service portfolio:

  • Purchasing strategy
  • Material group management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Make-or-Buy Decisions
  • Purchasing management and reporting

Supply Chain Operations & Manufacturing

Volatility and an increasingly uncertain economic environment also place the highest demands on supply chain planning. Supply chains must become resilient and still be profitable and also promote corporate growth.

We help you make your supply chains more resilient and sustainable. To do this, we combine our effective, innovative supply chain concepts with digital technologies and broad expert knowledge.

Excerpt of our service portfolio:

  • Layout and factory planning
  • Capacity & Flexibility Management
  • Lean Management & Process Excellence
  • Smart & Digital Manufacturing
  • Inventory Management & Supply Chain Planning

Distribution & Logistics

Delivery services must become increasingly individualized and at the same time be cost-effective and sustainable, as well as offering outstanding customer service. Only those who successfully link these components can be successful in the complex, global supply chain networks.

With our innovative concepts, we support companies in designing flexible and resilient distribution and logistics structures that are reliable, secure and transparent.

Excerpt of our service portfolio:

  • Distribution Strategy & Footprint
  • Transport & Fleet Management
  • Procurement and distribution logistics
  • Internal Warehouse Management

Sales & Customer

Customer requirements are increasing and at the same time becoming more and more individualized. Only those who create seamless, physical and digital customer experiences and also offer a global service will be competitive in the long term.

We support you with our innovative solutions to sustainably increase your profitability and the satisfaction of your customers.

Excerpt of our service portfolio:

  • Sales strategy & Customer segmentation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • After Sales Service
  • Price and Margin Management

Finance & IT

With innovative ideas, proven methods and a 360° perspective, we support you on your way to sustainable corporate success. Among other things, we develop the structure necessary for this, on the basis of which the corresponding needs for action can be derived easily and accurately

Excerpt of our service portfolio:

  • Control concept
  • Forecasting & Predictive Analytics
  • ERP Transformation Process Support
  • Product Lifecycle Costing
  • Value Chain Controlling

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