Why innovation is the most important investment in the future

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A well-known quote says: Standstill is regression. And means: Innovation and change keep you fit, and stagnation makes you vulnerable. We also consider innovation to be the most important investment in the future.

Companies are under enormous pressure in the globalized world. It has never been more important than today not only to optimize existing business models, but also to question them in a targeted manner to sustainably increase the value of the company through radical innovations.

Many companies find this difficult. They focus on maintaining substance and neglect investments. However, especially in uncertain times, it is crucial to continue investing in Innovation and not to view innovation as a “cost factor”. After all, the ability to innovate is the key to long-term corporate success. And compared to other investments of a company, innovation is a small lever with an immense effect.

An average manufacturing company invests about 10-15 % of its total investment in R&D. If around 10 % of the R&D budget is invested in the early stage of projects, this corresponds to 1-1.5 % of the total investment. This is where we at Helbling Ideation come in. The early stage is particularly important in innovation projects for the products and services of tomorrow; it is where the course is set. We therefore focus on the early stage of product development and search in a structured and systematic way for new ideas, products and services that fit – from the perspective of the user, the developer, and the client. Because a good idea is not yet a good solution. Only the feasible, which fulfils a need and has economic potential, leads to success. And our goal is to ensure that our clients enjoy long-term success.




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