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together we do it

Your partner for successful
product development

Our visionary approach means that we become your partner as we execute projects for you.
We turn technological and product innovations into reality.

working in harmony to help you reach market leadership.

Our Services
for your industry

We offer a whole range of services to support your project. Regardless of how complex the task is, we keep the focus on your objective.

Our extensive portfolio of reference projects showcasing our unique range of services is testament to decades of experience in many different sectors – and it is being constantly expanded by new areas of activity:

Usability engineering / Industrial design
Technical risk management
Experimental verification, testing & certificate of achievement
Design verification
Design transfer
Project management
Product development
Technology development

Fully committed to you, from vision to product maturity

we can be your strategic partnerand support you throughout the entire product life cycle, starting with helping you define your product strategy.

As innovation partner we work with you to mature your ideas and turn them into reality.

As development partner we build on your existing ideas and use our expertise to implement them.

To begin our partnership, we often provide services covering specific topics and over short periods of time so that you can get to know us and how we work.

We are an independent
partner in alliance with you

We are experts in our field - we understand R&D projects and can carry them out ourselves. Our specialty is providing interdisciplinary team performances.

We integrate into your existing network, and if desired we can also manage your project.

If needed we can draw on a tried and tested network of best-in-class organizations to provide resources, knowledge, experience, infrastructure or established processes.

Our processes
are tried and true

Together we realize your vision to successful completion. We combine our established methods with agile, lean product development and design thinking.

Our handshake:
an assurance of quality

Our team leaders, of which there are more than 40, are your direct contacts. As specialists, they combine professional expertise with entrepreneurship. They have full responsibility for your project, from initial quotation to successful completion.

Rainer Maisch

HORECA, Beverages & Tools

Ueli Schläpfer

Industrial Mechatronic

Pascal Beyerle

Vehicle Technology

Niklaus Schneeberger

Active Implants & Microsystems

Michel Brühwiler

Medical Systems 1

Michael Weibel

Powertools & Industrial Systems

Matthias Schmid

Production Machinery 1 & Factory Planning

Matthias Pfister

Optical Data Science

Matthias Moll

Embedded Software

Martin Eisenmann

Advanced Electronics & Controls

Harald Zurheide

Transportation & Structures

Manuel Wittwer

Home Appliances

Magnus Alfredsson

Medical & Lab Systems

Lutz Beckmann

Consumer Electronics

Lukas Wilhelm

Embedded Systems

Ludovic Dovat

Smart Nutrition Systems

Lorenz Klauser

Health, Food & Lifestyle

Johannes Eckstein

Optics & Sensor Systems

Guido Brunecker

Test Equipment & Controls

Gabriel Sutter

Beverage Systems 1

Stefan Huggenberger

Production Machinery 2 & Automation Systems

Dominik von Rohr

Smart Home & Smart Industry

Daniel Hauri

Energy & Smart Infrastructure

Cole Constantineau

Medical Devices

Christian Seiler

Process Technologies

Berthold Andris

Consumer & MedTech Software

Christian Lobeto

Industrial Appliances

Christian Peterhans

Embedded Software & Biotechnology

Thomas Hodel

Ideation 1
Product Vision & Business Opportunities

Benno Steiner

Calculation / Simulation

Slava Arabagi

Medical Systems 2

Beat Zumbühl


Andreas Suter

Industrial Application

Urs Anliker

Medical Embedded Software

Stefan Bauer

Sensors & Medical Electronics

Helen Wächter


Anders Vestreli

Beverage Systems 2

Simon Härdi

Ideation 2

Alexander Matt

Rep Office Shanghai

Alexander Heinrich

Healthcare & Diagnostics

Philipp Müller

Physio, Sports & Wellness Equipment

Amir Feriani

Medical Devices

Our projects speak for you and us

For over 55 years we have worked with a wide variety of customers and demonstrated the benefits of collaborating with us: unique products that combine usability, technologies and design with cost-focused industrialization.


Sustainability, smart mobility, scientific informatics and personalized medicine are among the most important current global trends. If applied appropriately and responsibly, they will help to improve the lives of people everywhere.
At Helbling Technik we are already playing our part, and are planning to expand our range of services in these areas.

Helping the planet
through responsible innovation

The Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals represent milestones in the sustainability movement. Many countries, and most notably the EU, are putting in place legal frameworks to promote energy transition, sustainable transport systems and the circular economy. The EU is placing a green new deal at the heart of its political agenda. And the environment is becoming an increasingly talked about issue in society as a whole.

“We are part of our world”: these words from the Helbling Group’s mission statement speak to an awareness of its interconnectedness with wider society and a highly complex environmental system. This lies at the root of the Group’s responsibility to apply ethical business principles. We can draw on a wealth of experience in applying the principles of sustainability engineering.

We live up to our responsibilities:

Development of a highly efficient solar panel: an innovative cell connection technology significantly improves efficiency and life expectancy.

Development of a resource-efficient powder press: thanks to intelligent servo-electric drives, electricity consumption can be reduced by over 80% and water consumption by 75%. The press also requires less servicing and is cheaper to run.

Moving into the future:
getting there sustainably

Smart mobility is about providing flexible, individualized transportation solutions that are energy efficient, low-emission, safe and affordable. It’s an increasingly important topic that’s attracting more and more attention because of the steep rise in volume of personal and goods transportation. Sustainable mobility is crucial to responding to increased levels of environmental awareness in society, especially when it comes to creating tomorrow’s smart cities. Smart mobility encompasses areas such as modernization of public transport systems with innovative vehicle fleets, electric drive systems, synthetic fuels, new types of vehicles, use of sustainable materials, and lightweight design.

Passionate about transport

Helbling offers a range of well-established services that make us ideally equipped to offer expert support for rolling stock, vehicle technology, software, and sensor technology projects connected with these new developments.

Current projects:
the transition to electric vehicles

Development of cloud services for electric bike lifecycle management. Services can be used by assembly staff for configuration, mechanics performing maintenance work, and the development team for optimization purposes, for example.

Development of an IoT platform for lifts and escalators to connect Swiss Federal Railways facilities with the cloud. This lays the foundations for clear communication of the availability of customer-critical infrastructure

Digital ideas
For a brighter future

Scientific informatics is about much more than just software, and encompasses areas such as data processing, algorithmics, big data, edge computing and AI, to make software intelligent. We have a wealth of experience in developing system and standalone software solutions. By continuously updating our service portfolio, we are able to make valuable contributions to technological and product innovations in all of the industries we serve, applying our interdisciplinary scientific informatics expertise.

But it is only about 80 years since the invention of the first computer, and around 50 since the birth of the internet – so we are just at the beginning of a process that is set to fundamentally change the world we live in. If applied appropriately and responsibly, scientific informatics will help to improve our lives – and at Helbling Technik we’re already hard at work making this a reality.

Current projects:
a wealth of new possibilities

The retinal health monitor keeps track of the progression of retinal diseases. The data it records is analyzed and anonymized using deep learning AI and securely uploaded to the cloud in compliance with strict cybersecurity standards.

Development of a low-cost, low-power platform that enables HD videos to be streamed to the cloud using image recognition. The platform is specially designed for use with limited resources such as buffers and processing power. This is the first off-the-shelf solution of its kind.

Innovations for
personalized healthcare

Personalized medicine corresponds to a growing general demand for products and services tailored to people’s specific requirements. Technological advances in other fields are helping to drive forward personalized medicine. Like many experts, we believe that it is going to be the most significant development in medicine in the 21st century.

Digital and personalized

One development in personalized medicine, for instance, is new molecular-biological diagnostic techniques that enable early detection or establish predisposition. Through a process which combines medical and information technology, patients can be given precision treatment according to their individual biological makeup.

Other applications include regenerative medicine (e.g. tissue engineering and stem cell therapy) and biotechnological manufacturing processes, while 3D scanning and 3D printing technology are enabling on-site manufacture of implants and prostheses. Digital technologies are bringing about brand new ways of treating patients

Current projects:
focus on the eye

The retinal health monitor keeps track of the progression of retinal diseases by means of optical coherence tomography. The patient uses the device regularly at home, and the data recorded are automatically processed and transferred so that treatment can be monitored.

Development of a wireless implantable pressure sensor (WIPS) for monitoring the eye pressure of glaucoma patients. Data transfer allows the medical team to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment in real time.

Local Focus
and global reach

We know what it takes to execute projects with global reach; most teams are no longer located in the same office, as expertise is often distributed across multiple sites and countries.

We realize
your visions

We have over 40 development teams at our eight state-of-the-art sites in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, and China. With first-class technical facilities, we cover the entire innovation cycle – from research and development through to the finished product and market launch.

Helbling’s sites are equipped with cutting-edge workstations and highly specialized development laboratories, including EMC and virtual reality labs. We have over 400 staff from the fields of engineering, computer science and physics dedicated to making your project a success.

Innovation, together we do it!

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